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Taking the courageous step to walk into a gym for the first time in who knows how long, can be very intimidating. But doing so will also be extremely rewarding. You are never too out of shape, too young or too old to start. Our coaches care about your success and we want to help you achieve your goals. We have a supportive community that will encourage and inspire you. Members range in age from five years old all the way to seventy with goals as simple as staying in shape or as large as winning an Olympic medal.

We offer a wide range of programs to not only help you achieve your goals, but to help you exceed them. Our programs include Individualized Programming, CrossFit, Nutrition & Wellness, Yoga, Bootcamp, HIIT, KidFit, Team Training and Exclusive Athlete Camps. Our on-site Wellness Clinic offers Massage services from St. Albert Sports Recovery and Physiotherapy services from Athletes Advantage. Our fitness programs combined with proper nutrition and recovery techniques will give you the tools that you need to become the fittest version of yourself.

Saint City Fitness was founded in 2013 with the purpose of inspiring individuals to reach their innate fitness potential, thus enabling them to lead a better quality of life. Through leadership, education and support you will expand the limits of what you once perceived as impossible. Fitness is our passion and we want to share that with you. We will help you discover your true potential. Our coaches are committed to supporting you as you walk down the path of self-discovery.

Learn. Educate. Innovate
Expand limits of what is perceived as impossible
Embrace and drive change
Provide leadership and Professionalism
Value Passion, community and teamwork


Tips to Staying Healthy

Drinking lots of water is key to getting and staying healthy. Try to take all vitamins on a regular basis, even if you are not sick, to keep your body healthy. Vitamins will increase your immune system and assist you in beating all the bacteria that cause sickness, in addition to all the other good things vitamins can do for you. Eat fresh food and vegetables daily, to take natural vitamin supplements. In the UK, they provide other suppplimental means of natural organic supplements for health and diet. The use of hemp was legalized. Hemp is not just used to process CBD oil or other CBD products for medicinal purposes and edibles in the UK. Fruits, like blueberries, are full of antioxidants, bananas are high in potassium, some fruits are full of iron and oranges and kiwis provide you with Vitamin C. 


Before you know it your new lifestyle will be second nature and no effort at all, and you may hurt yourself along the way. And we know a lot of specialists to help you heal and stay healthy. Doctors, clinics, West Valley City chiropractor, and therapists provide fine care to patients. Just as true wealth is more than merely the absence of poverty, true health is more than just the absence of disease.


What Our Clients Say

Brian and Auty are fantastic coaches. Everyone that comes to this place is friendly and helpful. If you have a goal that you want to achieve, Brian and Auty will give you the map on how to get there. It's up to you to take the journey. Love coming here everyday and trying to improve myself.Scott Savard
I wanted to take a moment, putting aside all my little jabs and smartass remarks that I seemingly throw out when asked about your programming for me when I lay on the ground in a crumpled mess, to say thank you.
I have experienced various types of training within and under the crossfit name; Wodify, 3-2-1 Go, in house throw downs and fundraisers WoDs. While all these have rightly kicked my ass, I have not felt the type of results recorded or felt as I have with your OPEX based self-programming. Unknowingly in many aspects of your training, has improved me, especially in the cardio department. Muscle memory has been reactivated and I feel stronger than ever before but know that many goals and PRs are ahead of me to stop where I am.
An increase in my confidence has bloomed under your guidance in the gym, there is never a rush to find PRs but always a steady progression going forward. You have changed my view on training, allowing me to see another side of what can be done while still doing all the movements that we associate with crossfit. I have also changed my views on a life goal of someday wanting to have a gym, I know now how I would like to address the programming method and style. Thank you coach Brian, I come home with more positive experiences, making life at home much easier :)Chay Bridges
Thanks so much for coaching me this year!
Through all the set backs I have had this year you still kept me on track and still help me achieve PR in many lifts! You are the kind of coach that can push through all the obstacles that an athlete goes through during training. A rare find! Best coach I have ever had the honor of working with! I ended up getting first in my age group for this event... Thanks Brian Christa Warwa
Crossfit to me has been something I have pursued with great passion and Saint City has some of the greatest people that I've met in my life. One of those people is Coach Brian Carter. I can get personal training from a lot of different places and get just an email of a work out however, with Brian, not only do I get this but when I go to the gym he is there sweating it out with me! One of his qualities as a coach is his undying patience with me. There are countless times where I have been injured or in a slump and he quickly adapts my programming. Most of those times is "on the spot" at the gym! Not only is Brian my coach, he brings a personal touch to the relationship we have as he genuinely cares for me and the athletes; a phenomenal part of what gets me back to the gym each day to achieve my fitness goals. To me, this is what makes Saint City Gym unique! We are family!Kaylen Turner
Several years ago I snuck into the Crossfit world against the better judgment of the medical world, my long-time personal trainer and my massage therapist. This was 6 years following a car accident resulting in upper body injuries that pointed to a lifetime of drugged pain management. Numerous warnings of the intense insanity of Crossfit were poorly founded, and instead I was introduced to a wildly supportive community and a fascinating adventure. As much as I was challenged and enjoyed the class programming, I decided to jump to personalized programming by Brian Carter. As an advanced Master Crossfitter (1956) who had sustained considerable injuries, I felt I needed Brian to target my areas of weakness. I have a personal goal of RXing every event in the Open 2016 for my age category (60-64yrs). It's crazy, but every Sunday evening I can hardly wait to see what I will be working on each day of the upcoming week. I have been delighted with the variety, but more so with the results! The best thing is that I function totally outside of prescription drugs! This was considered impossible 6 years ago. I am strong, healthy and fit. Crossfit also introduced and challenged me to the Paleo lifestyle. This is the bonus that has made all the difference! Linda Poelzer
I consider myself very fortunate to call Brian "coach"! As a master's athlete, with a busy work and home life, and some on-again, off-again injuries, Brian has consistently provided me with a high level of programming to help me attack my weaknesses and further develop my strengths. His programming is clearly set out and structured he always knows what is best for me as an athlete, and adapts my workouts to my ever changing life priorities, while at the same time, holding me accountable to my workouts and goals. I am a MUCH stronger and fitter athlete since working with Brian. He is patient and professional, always available when I have questions he knows when to push me, and respects when I need to scale it back. Brian coaches with his ears, eyes and mouth, probably in that order, which I feel is a hallmark quality in any good coach.
Brian not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. He continually inspires me with the dedication he puts towards his training, and in his relentless pursuit of his own personal athletic goals. As a competitor and as a coach, he gives 100% all the time. And the real clincher Brian is just a really nice guy. Whether your goals are to get ready for an upcoming race or competition, be a more competitive crossfitter, or get stronger, leaner, and fitter, Brian has the knowledge, desire, and experience to help you achieve your goals!!Rachelle Viray
I have thoroughly enjoyed Brian's programming ever since I started back in October 2015. His programming has awesome variety and is constantly changing. I have seen so many gains since starting and continue to see them on a weekly basis. Brian is very responsive and supportive as well. You can tell he genuinely cares about every athlete that he programs for. I'm looking forward to all the future gains with Brian's programming! Jenelle Bella
Since starting on personal programming with coach Brian Carter the improvements I have made in technique and strength have been amazing. There is no better feeling knowing that if you put in the work to follow your program, you will see a noticeable difference. I would recommend personal programming to anyone. Alicia Petrushka
I started Crossfit roughly 5 years ago. I was 5'8", 205 pounds and I thought I was In decent shape. I started with the 6 am class. It was me and 10 women who would finish their workouts before me and would cheer me on from the side lines so I could finish. It was good motivation to get in better shape. Since I started on Brian's personal programming roughly 1 1/2 years ago it has definitely launched me into another level of fitness that I didn't think I was capable of doing! Bar and ring muscle ups, deficit handstand push-ups, and walking handstands are no longer an issue. Still 5'8" (boo!), but weigh 176 pounds and I am maintaining roughly 12% body fat. Brian's well thought out programming has definitely help me come a long way. Thanks Brian!! Jesse Bevans
I started CrossFit about a year ago and it's been crazy ride. I love working out at Saint City! The atmosphere is great, the coaches are fantastic and the members have become some of my closest friends. I love the feeling I get when I leave the gym - knowing that I am stronger then when I walked in. The workouts are perfect for beginners and advanced athletes because there are different levels to accommodate everyone. Each level is just challenging enough to push you. Thank you Saint City! Erin Ciezki
The Saint City programming is amazing! I have seen individuals that have been doing CrossFit for a few years expand their skill level with this model. I have also seen individuals new to CrossFit quickly gain great technique and strength. I have also done individual programming to help work through injury, and I have also used it to help prepare for a specific powerlifting event. I have seen noticeable increases in strength after a long plateau. The intelligence behind the programming was demonstrated at Fight of the Fittest which in my opinion was a world class event.Yvonne Sanche, National Level Powerlifter
My son researched CrossFit for a couple of years before we gave it a shot. I thought that it was too expensive and too far of a drive for us. Finally, he convinced me to give it a try. When I walked into the gym there were no machines like my last gym which I found a little scary. Being in my late 50s I didn't think I could achieve really far-fetched fitness goals like rope climbs or pull ups. CrossFit is awesome at my age as it has given me a new outlook on fitness. I have exceeded my goals and I am confident in my body's abilities. I have something to look forward to everyday as I continuously build my strength and do things I never thought were possible. The coaches at Saint City are awesome and knowledgeable. They are there to help to you succeed so you can reach your goals, no matter what your age or physical condition may be.Gerald Wendt
I have been coming to Saint City Crossfit since January 2015. I have tried other gyms in the past like YMCA and World health, but I was never motivated enough to workout routinely by myself and was not getting the results I wanted. I heard about Saint City from a few friends and decided to join, without trying the gym out first! I was glad I signed up! Brian, Auty and the other trainers are truly exceptional!!! They are all very welcoming, friendly and approachable. I did regular crossfit for two months but felt like I wanted to do more for my fitness goals which were to get bigger and stronger. I have always been weaker than my other friends and was never that athletic. So I decided to do Brian's custom program. After five months of intense, hard work, I am definitely seeing results! Even other people I haven't seen for a while noticed a difference. That was the first time in my life that I was seeing muscle gains! I feel better and am getting stronger! One great aspect of Saint City is that a trainer is ALWAYS there at the gym, available to help out, to demonstrate the exercise movements, to watch your form, and to encourage you to keep on lifting and moving. On top of that, the community is very welcoming. All members of the gym are friendly and fun to work out with. I recommend Saint City to every one of all ages, body types, with athletic or no athletic ability. You won't regret it!Jimmy Pham

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