Yoga provides athletes with flexibility, strength, faster recovery, improved mental strength, and an overall better performance. Yoga allow you to gain better body awareness while exploring the mind-body connection.


Similar to HIIT class, boot-camp offers a workout that utilizes functional movements and light to moderate loads. Boot-camp often takes place at different locations around St. Albert utilizing various tracks, hills and stairs for added benefit.


A high energy, interval workout that utilizes functional movements and light to moderate loads. These short, intense workouts will provide improved athletic capacity and conditioning, improved metabolism and fat burning. HIIT class offers a fun, motivating environment that will leave your heart pumping!

Team Training

A team is only as good as its weakest link. By strengthening the foundation of the team through functional training, you give the team the opportunity to perform at their full potential. Saint City Crossfit offers a team training program utilizing functional movements to prepare the team for their sport. This program will allow the athletes to work on their weaknesses and expand on their strengths. Team training can include yoga, mobility and nutrition programs in addition to regular training.


While we do not currently have an onsite daycare attendant, we recognize how difficult it can be to find time for yourself when you are a parent. Members are welcome to bring their children to the gym as long as the children are able to sit on their own without disrupting the class. We do have limited toys and colouring books as well as a TV with Netflix to help keep the children entertained so that you can enjoy your workout.


Karma is a free class offered monthly on Sundays at Saint City. This class is meant to bring the community together to support our local food bank. Participants are asked to bring a foodbank donation to class with them. This class is open to individuals wanting to try CrossFit for the first time as this workout will be for everyone. Come out and join us in giving bank to our community!

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