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Ages 6-12

Children have unlimited potential inside of them. It is up to us as parents and role models to help them unleash their potential. Kidfit offers this opportunity by introducing children to different forms of fitness such as gymnastics, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, bodyweight movements, endurance and circuit training. Having exposure to such a variety of training modalities combined together gives children the chance to gain an unwavering confidence in their abilities and in their bodies. It is no joke that children often struggle with body image and the need to fit in, to be just like everyone else. Giving them the chance to have the kind of confidence developed from Kidfit training will help them have the courage to face whatever obstacle may cross their path. Not only is our focus fitness training but also on having the children support and motivate each other.

Our Kidfit program was designed to teach children to lead a healthy and balanced life style in an era where technology has become the primary source of entertainment. Obesity and childhood illness has become such a prevalent topic in our society. We want to change that. The change starts with you, the parent. Give your children the chance at a fit and healthy lifestyle by enrolling them in Kidfit. Your child will learn body awareness, functional movements and basic nutritional concepts in a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Basic movements the child will learn are various forms of squatting, pressing, burpees, etc. Basic weight such as light wall balls and kettlebells may be used if the child shows competency in executing the movements properly. If your child has an injury or requires specific training, please contact us and we would be happy to accommodate you. Workouts for Kidfit take place onsite at Saint City Crossfit located in St. Albert or at remote locations around the community.

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